Benefits of Automated Solutions

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Automated smart solutions are becoming popular across the nation in both businesses and homes as more people value the convenience, comfort, and security technology can provide. Network Cabling Services, Inc. (NCS) is a privately owned, Massachusetts-based corporation that offers a broad range of network design, integration, audio-visual, home automation, and installation services for residential and commercial clients.

NCS is unique in its approach to customizing each client’s network design, audio-visual system, or structured cable system. Our technicians will be professional, the materials utilized will meet all industry standards, and our work will be superior to our competitors. We believe everyone can benefit from the application of smart solutions and here are nine ways we can make it a reality for you.

Commercial Audio-Video Systems

Our audio-video systems are perfect for your business budgets and scenarios to deliver engaging presentations and pitches. Whether your auditorium requires speakers, televisions, microphones, digital signage, and video walls, or your conference room needs touch screens, streamlined tech, projectors, and screens, we’ll find the best-fit AV solution that will result in professional presentations.

Lighting Control

Correct lighting can alter your office atmosphere to make a space that’s inviting. Most commercial buildings are over-lit, which wastes energy and can reduce productivity due to employee discomfort. With commercial lighting control systems, it’s easy to alter the lighting to change your working environment for maximized productivity in a comfortably lit space that maximizes daylight and reduces energy consumption.

Likewise, once your home is on one system, the potential is limitless, and you can get really creative with what you can do with your home’s lighting. Safety is often the highest priority, and an automated lighting system can keep your family safe when they arrive home or while away. However, lighting control is not limited to safety precautions. Set the mood with proper lighting for each room of your home.

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Commercial Networks

As the world quickly evolves, you need technology that can keep up. Our wired and wireless networks ensure your business’ success by providing plenty of network, phone, audio, or video outlets in every room so you can stay connected. We can install all your cabling so your offices, conference rooms, lobbies, and auditoriums remain neat without any unseemly wiring.

CCTV Surveillance

Protect your home and business with commercial or residential security solutions. Our integrated security detects and notifies you of burglary attempts as they happen so you can contact the appropriate authorities. In the event of suspicious activity, you can opt for a cellular or broadband-powered alarm accompanied by flashing lights. Adding multiple alarm paths ensures your property remains covered and your cameras active, in case of power outages or physical damage, whether intentional or accidental. We also offer pre-timed lighting systems that prevent break-ins due to the appearance of occupancy. Remote access allows you to monitor your security via your mobile device, so you can trust your system to do the work while completing your daily tasks.

Whole-House Audio Distribution

With whole-house audio, you can listen to music wherever you are in your house, all controlled with the touch of a button. Listen to soft background music, crank up the volume for a Zumba workout, or distribute your favorite team’s fight song to let your family know the game is starting. Whole-house audio equipment is neatly concealed in one discreet location, though still accessible. High-quality speakers can be installed nearly invisibly in your ceiling or walls or disguised as rocks in your garden.

Automated Shades

 We tend to find that a daily manual adjustment of individual shades is a tedious task that many families don’t have the time for in between work, cooking dinner, raising kids, and taking time to relax. Owning motorized shades is becoming commonplace for homeowners across the nation. Shade control can bring convenience, comfort, security, energy savings, UV protection, and aesthetics to your home.

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Home Theaters

Our home theaters bring life to movies, sports, and video games in your home. With a dedicated room equipped with the latest ultra-high-resolution projector and comfortable seating, this room will be great for family and friend get-togethers, watch parties, and much more. Home theaters can add value to your property, improve the atmosphere, make the ultimate movie experience, and are customizable to your preferences.

Streamlined Convenience

Whether you choose to access your home system through a wall panel in your kitchen or through a mobile device from anywhere in the world, Network Cabling Services is here to give you total control. You can create a variety of automated settings that help streamline your day. The tap of an “away” button on your mobile device shuts off your lights, and your thermostat to optimized energy, and a “dinner” setting may play soft music while dimming the lights. Your options are limitless and entirely in your control.

There are benefits to every service we offer for home and commercial automation. If you’re ready to bring automated solutions to your business or home, contact Network Cabling Services today to begin!